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1960 MGA 1600 Roadster
Features pictures and details of the author's car, along with maintenance information and details of a DIY belt for the luggage rack.

1977 MGB Restoration Project
A personal page showing pictures and information about the author's coupe.

American MGB Association
North America's oldest, largest and best club for all MGBs, MGB-GTs and Midgets, established in 1975 The American MGB Association is North America's oldest and largest club for all MGBs, MGB-GTs and Midgets. A nonprofit organization which was founded in 1975 and offers, color magazines, emagazines, technical advice, member recommendations on service, body and parts sources, registration of your MG, a tradition of service and FREE member classified ads that appear in the Octagon magazine AND on the AMGBA web site.

Andrew Yue's MG
Andrew's Yue's MGB home page. Here you'll find links to Austin area MG gatherings, and to various British sportcar related web sites around the world.

Andy J's MG Maestro
Andy J's MG Maestro

Bay State MGA Club
The Bay State MGA Club is open to all British car enthusiasts

Bertil Olsson's MGC
The car was assembled Sept. 29 to Dec. 5 1967. The first serial produced MGC was assigned no 138. With no 156 this MGC is the 18:th manufactred i.e. one of the very first. It was registered the first time at September 20 1968 in London and changed owners several times before it was exported to Sweden in 1982. It changed owner once more before it was bought by undersigned 1997. The car is free from rust. Motor (exchanged) and gearbox with o.d. is in top condition. Cab. and interior has aged with dignity. MGC Roadster was manufactured in only 4544 units during 1967-69 (compared to MGB with 386961 cars during 1962-80).

Big Bend MGs of Tallahassee
Contains activity information, photograph gallery, members directory, news items, and classifieds.

Bos's MG Midget
Restauration of a 1964 MG Midget MKII and pictures of Silverstone 2001

Bosch Alternator Conversion for the MGB
The American MGB Association is North America's oldest and largest club for all MGBs, MGB-GTs and Midgets.

Burnley and Pendle MG Owners Club
The Burnley and Pendle MG Owners Club - for owners of MG sportscars in the East Lancashire area!

Cambridge and District MG Owners Club
Includes tips, news, photos and forum. Also features a V8 conversion.

Cambridge and District MG Owners Club (Image Gallery - MGF's)
MGF, MGF 1.8i, MGF VVC, MG Cars, MG Images, MG Pictures, MG Photos, MG Photographs, MGF Racing. Trophy 160

Capital City MG Club
Includes a calendar of events and newsletter.

Chicago Area MGA Club
Photographs, classifieds, and a summary of the activities of the club.

Chicagoland MG Club
MG may be back in England but the MG spirit has never died in Chicago. Here in Chicago there is an active group of MG owners and enthusiasts. We have been active since 1975 and sponsor rallies, technical sessions, and friendly get togethers. We are the first and largest club in the United States to affiliate with the MG Car Club of England Ltd.. We are also affiliated with American MGB Association and North American MGB Register. On this web site you may also find Club Links to virtually every (to the best of our knowledge) MG club and/or all-British car club in North America, whether they have a web presence or not.

Chris Goodchild
Offers a personal account of owning a 1978 MGBGT. Also includes details on fitting a child seat, and photos.

Chris' MG Midget
Photos of my MG Midget Restoration

Colin Gibson's 1950 MGTD Restoration Project
MGTD - 1950 MG TD Classic Restoration Project by Colin Gibson

Connecticut MG Club
Home page of the Connecticut MG Club. The club welcomes all MG and British Car enthusiasts.

David's 1970 MGBGT
Contains photographs of the author's chrome bumper car.

Dieter's MGF/TF Technical Site
MGF Roadster German/English. Hinweise auf Ersatzteile und Zubehör und technische Details. Instructions, pictures and all other stuff in a comprehensive selection. Links zu Diskussionsgruppen und eine Suchmaschine über alle guten MGF Technik Websites

Home of the MG Dealer Guide & F'ers Gallery. Also home of the Riktor lottery number checker.

Eric and Terri My MGA
The MGA 1600 was produced from 1959 to 1961. Our car came off the line in May, 1960. There were 12,253 left-hand drive models produced for export to North America in 1960. The MGA was a radical change from MG's traditional, squared off appearance. The appeal of the MGA is multi-faceted. From a mechanical standpoint it is simple and reliable. It is a comfortable (I'm 6'2", 240 lbs.) and easy car to drive. The handling is amongst the best of any of the 1950's and early 1960's sports cars. Even now, in 1999, the aerodynamic shape does not seem out of place. We have alot of fun driving the back roads and highways of urban and rural Ontario, Quebec, upper New York state and Vermont. When you jump behind the wheel and drive off, all your cares just seem to melt away. From the "thumbs-up" we get from pedestrians and drivers alike, it is obvious to us that others enjoy it, at least visually, as well.

Gareths MG Maestro Turbo Website
A site for all technical information on the rare MG Maestro Turbo.

Hamant Kumar's MGF Homepage
Website devoted to the MGF, a British Sports Car, MGF, Hamant Kumar, Rover MG, Aserve,

Houston MG Car Club
Contains members cars, chat, technical tips, rally reports, and photo gallery.

Jolleyjohn's MGBGT
Features photographs of a red 1969 Roadster, and a 1974 GT in black tulip.

Kansas City MG Car Club
the Midwest's largest club dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of Britain's finest marque.

Louth MG Owners Club
Meetings are usually held at the The Royal Oak,Little awthorpe,near Louth on the third Tuesday of each month at 8pm. However, it is always worth checking in case we have arranged something special for that evening. We are always pleased to see anyone with any age of M.G. ancient or modern. In fact you don't even have to own an M.G. to join us. If you just have an interest in these fine cars or used to own one in your youth you are very welcome too.

Luton and Dunstable MG Owner's Club
Includes information on the club's activities and events, photographs of member's cars, and a newsletter.

M.G. Z-Magnette
The L&D MGOC was founded in 1985. We are a fairly small club averaging a membership of around 25 to 30. We meet on the first Tuesday of the month at the Cross Keys in Pulloxhill and on the third Tuesday of the month at a pub chosen by one of our members. Our annual events normally include a barbecue, fireworks night, club holiday, bowling evening, flying display, seaside run, Christmas Meal as well as attending some of the major club rallies, race meetings and spares days. If this sounds like your cup of tea, please come and see us.

Martin Woods FWD MG page
Covers all FWD MG cars, especially the MG Maestro Turbo. Includes Free Ads and MG 'M' regalia.

Martin's Home Page
Includes free adverts, photographs, links, and an events calendar.

Matthew Semple's MG Maestro Page
Coming just fifty-nine years after the launch of the original MG saloon car, The Morris Garages Bullnose Morris, the MG Maestro joined the MG Metro in March 1983 and was to be the second car in Austin Rover's new line up of MG sports saloons. As was fitting with the time when Hot Hatches were to dominate the majority of the next decade, the range of MG cars launched by Austin Rover was comprehensive and successful. The seven cars sold a total number of 232,540 and were exported all over the world; throughout Europe and as far away as New Zealand. (The seven cars being: MG Metro 1300, MG Metro Turbo, MG Metro 6R4, MG Maestro 1600, MG Maestro EFi/2.0i, MG Maestro Turbo, MG Montego EFi/2.0i and MG Montego Turbo) The MG Maestro has since become very popular amongst collectors because it bears the closest resemblance to the hot hatches produced by Austin Rover's rivals and because it is held in such high esteem amongst traditional MG enthusiasts who rate it as one of the best MG saloon cars ever produced.

MG 'M' Group
The MG 'M' Group is run by dedicated enthusiasts for dedicated enthusiasts. The MG saloons are often underrated, although they are an important part of the marque's history. Being affiliated to the largest one-marque car club in the world, the MG Owners Club, we acknowledge the cars place in a renowned line of sports cars - but our club offers much more than that...For most of the year, there are events around the UK, featuring all types of MG, from the classics to the latest models, the MGZs. These include our cars in many forms - from the daily mode of transport to the turbo-charged rockets.

MG Car Club
The MG Car Club has been established for 75 years - we have the experience and know-how to help you enjoy owning and running your MG. Activities are organised for all ages, tastes and all models of MG - social, touring, concours, trials, autotests, sprints, hillclimbs and race meetings

MG Car Club - Ulster Centre
Provides regularily updated information for members of the MG Car Club (Ulster Centre) and for any other like-minded people who love MGs, old and new. We prefer to drive 'em hard rather than to polish them.

MG Car Club Luxembourg
The Homepage of the MG Car Club Luxembourg - Informations about MG's

MG Car Club Y Type Register 1 1/4 Litre Y Series
The MG Y Type 1 1/4 litre Register is a part of the M.G. Car Club, one of the biggest and longest established one-make car clubs in the world. For over 10 years, the MG Car Club Y Type Register has been looking after the interests of the post-war M.G. Y Type (Saloons and Tourers) and helping owners throughout the world keep their cars on the road. By maintaining a register of all the known cars, we can help preserve their history and provenance, whilst offering access to the best technical and spares expertise available anywhere.Whether you are already enjoying Y Type ownership or just thinking about it, these pages will have something to offer you. By joining the MG Car Club you automatically become a member of the Register, and you can be sure you are doing your best for your car.

MG Cars Enthusiasts' Club
News, an events diary, historical information, and a dealer listing. Also includes photographs, specifications, and buyer's guides for the different models.

MG Council of North America
The North American Council of MG Registers was formed in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada on July 11, 1992. The Mission of the Council is to 1. Publicize dates of events of interest to MG enthusiasts in North America so that conflicts are minimized. 2. Provide a forum for the exchange of information among MG Registers, Centres, Clubs and Associations throughout North America.3. Make a recommendation to the MGCC-UK regarding the awarding of the Nuffield Cup to a North American Club.

MG Extreme
Dedicated to the new range of MG Cars. Contains news, features, pictures and information on the ZR, ZS,Z T, ZT-T, and TF.

MG Metro, Maestro & Montego
Technical FAQ, buyers guide and history of the MG Metro, Maestro and Montego.

MG Midget
Offers a history of the marque, technical specifications, paint codes, buyers guide, photo gallery, and FAQs.

MG Midget ABP 102
Introduction to story about the restoration of an MG Midget MkIII

MG Midget in Santo Domingo
Features the restoration of an MG Midget, before and after pictures, and workshop information.

MG Midget mk III -
MG Midget & Mini; The small sportscars from Abingdon. Check out these MG cars and Mini pages!

MG Northumbria
Contains club information, events calendar, members cars, and racing pictures. Also includes news, and joining details.

MG Octagon Car Club
For owners and enthusiasts of the MG TF, YB, and earlier models. Contains membership details, events diary, joining information, and list of spares.

MG Owners Club
Offers technical advice, a spares service, events diary, and regalia. Some areas are restricted to members only.

MG Owners Club - West Midlands Region
Offers news, events, a map and information on clubs within the region.

MG Owners' Club
Technical advice, spares service, events diary and regalia. Some areas are restricted to members only.

MG Relm
Contains the restoration story of a 1977 MG Midget.

Includes specifications, photographs, and a buyer's guide.

MG T-Series
Contains a background to the series, model specifications and pictures.

MG T-Series
Features history, model information, technical details, photograph gallery, and buyers guide.

MG TC Owners Club
Photos, calendar, and technical section. Membership open to all MG enthusiasts [Perth, Western Australia]

MG TD 1952
Contains technical details, modifications, repair details, and photographs.

MG-Cars in Austria
Platform for MG-owners living in or travelling trough Austria

Article detailing the evolution of the MGA, with information on variants, and a short buyer's guide.

MGA Register Holland
Contains news, photo gallery, membership details, restoration information, and the option to register a vehicle.

MGA Twin Cam Enthusiasts
Homepage of the MGA Twin Cam Enthusiasts

The official home of the MGA Register. Features histories of the marque and register, events diary, photograph gallery, spares, regalia, and contact details.

MGB = Fun
Contains the authors MGB story, restoration details, and photographs.

MGB Chrome Bumper Conversion
MGB Chrome Bumper Conversion ~ September 2000 ~ a WebsCool 'Blank Cover' production.

MGB GT - A Classic British Sports Car
MGB GT Sports Car, pictures of engine replacement

MGB Roadster and GT V8
The owning and running of two classic MGs with sections on books and technical help.

MGB Roadster Restoration Workshop Notes
Classic car restoration is a growing hobby. In these days where modern cars are becoming more and more sophisticated there is less and less opportunity for DIY repair and maintenance and so enthusiasts are turning to older cars.

Contains a background to the series, model specifications, paint codes, car numbers, the demise of the marque and pictures.

MGCC FWD Register
Club catering for all FWD MG cars. Contains event listings, regalia and information on all MGM models.

Information about the car, its specification, and its mechanics, along with a collection of photographs, price details, and a buyer's guide.

MGF Scotland: John's MGF Homepage
Includes details and photographs from past MGF events in Scotland, along with links to dealers.

MG RV8 information Center

Midget FAQ
Features FAQs pertaining to engine, carburettors, suspension, electrics, and bodywork.

Mike Brocks MG Maestro Turbo
This web site is all about my MG Maestro Turbo and modifications I have done to it witch include bio turbo supercharging.

Musty Flapper
musty flapper MG restoration project 1979 MG B GT

My Great British Roadster
This is a Heritage Shell restoration/rebuildof a 1971 chrome bumper MGB Roadster to concours/condition class.The interior has been designed to look as near as possible to the MGRV8.This car has won M.G.O.C., and M.G.C.C. events.This is a greatly admired u

My MG's Garage
Personal site offering technical materials, and a description with photographs on the restoration of an MG-TD engne rebuild.

My Twin 73 BGT's
Paul Tegler's MG automobile related information and links to literally 100's of sites

New England MG T Register
Features a history of the register, contact details and an application form. Also includes photographs, an E-zine, parts suppliers and events calendar.

North American MGA Register
Contains membership details, regalia, classifieds, events calendar, and technical information.

North American MGB Register
North American MGB Register. The NORTH AMERICAN MGB REGISTER was formed in late 1990 as the result of a strong demand for a non-profit, democratic organization which would be run by MG enthusiasts, for MG enthusiasts. At the foundation meeting, attended by enthusiasts from three continents, it was agreed that the MG MIDGETs and the MG 1100/1300s would be welcomed into the MGB REGISTER and would be actively supported by their own sub-registers. Recently, post 1980 MGs like the RV8 and MGF have been welcomed as well.

Northwest MG T Register
Founded in 1971 by a group of enthusiasts in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Features membership application details, events, and photographs of members cars.

Ohio Chapter, New England MG T Register
Contains club officers listing, membership application form and events calendar.

Oxfordshire MG Owners Club
home page for oxfordshire mg owners

Pascal's Mulberry Red MGB
Come and see my mulberry red MGB. You can see a report on the restoration and a section on the car's new specification details. If you are a fellow MGB owner, you might be particularly interested in the Tips & Tricks section. Gallery and links page ar

Peter Forstner - MG TC
Photographs, technical data, and links related to the MG TC.

Practical MG Restoration
This site has information and articles about the restoration of all types of MG's, however mostly MGA's. There is also a forum about MG's, and links to many MG sites.

Restoration Story MG Midget
Features the restoration details of a Teal blue MG Midget MKIII 1973.

Rick's Backyard MG Experience
Rick's Backyard MG Experience is one mans love and trials of restoring an MGB in his backyard, with photo galleries, links and hints

Robert's MGB GT V8
Welcome to the homepage of Robert's MGB GT V8. This page documents the conversion of my 1972 MGB GT to V8 power. For the conversion I chose to use a mg LT1 from a 1993 Camaro.

Runnymede MG Owner's Club
The MG Pit is a gateway to various MG sites. It brings you information about MG cars in general and, more specifically, the MGF/TF.

RV8 Cars Australia
Includes production details, technical information, photographs, road tests, and articles.

Sacramento Valley MG Car Club
Sacramento Valley British MG Car Club with car photos, tech tips and events calendar.

Safety Fast MG Car Club
Contains events, technical section, editorials, and, joining details.

Scarlets Web
Photographs of the owner and his red MGF, details of all the cars he has owned, and technical information.

South Leicester MG Club
Features news, technical tips, runs and events. Also includes a bulletin board.

South Manchester MG Owners Club
Offers a news letter, joining information, and events diary.

South Staffs MG Owners Club
South Staffs MG Owners Club Homepage. View our Club activities and Events

Southern California MG Club
Dedicated to the MG driver and enthusiast. Club info, event calendar, discussion forum and links to other MG sites. Member of the MG Cars Webring.

Steve's 1978 MG Midget
Contains photos of the author's car, and technical articles including electrical schematic drawings.

T Series FAQ
Categorized and indexed list of technical questions and solutions for TD series car.

Tamar Valley MG Owners Club
BrmmBrmm Classic Car Network & Directory Member

Tewkesbury Musketeers MG Owners Club
Contains the history of the club, photos, news, and events.

The Barber's MGA Restoration Page
Follows the restoration of a 1959 MGA 1600 by the Barber family, England. It includes a diary, photos and a short history of the MGA.

The MG B Performance Page
Contains photographs, specifications, and restoration details of the author's 1971 MGB Roadster.

The MG Montego and Maestro
Contains photographs and details of various models.

The MG Pit
Event reviews, details of MGF special editions, news, history, and photographs.

the MG
This is a discussion forum powered by vBulletin. To find out about vBulletin, go to .

The MG. Car Club of Sweden
Features a calendar, list of members, events, technical details, message board, and membership information.

The MGA with an Attitude
Includes photographs of the owner's MG on tour, with descriptions.

The MGB Experience
The Ultime MGB Resource

I came across my MGB GT through a fellow classic car fanatic from Krefeld, Germany. He knew I was after a GT and reported that there was a car for sale at his favorite gas station, and so he sent me the picture shown above. The MG looked good (from a distance...) and all seemed fated somehow, so I bought it. That was 1991.

The MGB Mk I Roadster
The MGB Mk I roadster (1962-1967)

A comprehensive guide to MGF ownership and maintenance, compiled by enthusiasts.

The MGF Gallery
Includes photographs, history, technical information, a guide to driving in Europe, and links.

The Midget and Sprite Club
The Midget & Sprite Club (MASC) was formedin October 1983 to bring together all Midget & SpriteMK's built between 1958 & 1979

The Ontario MG T Register
The Ontario MG 'T' Register's objective is to preserve, maintain and enjoy pre-1956 MGs

The Original MGTD Midget
Contains FAQs, history, technical specifications, and photograph gallery.

The Spurious V8 & MG Club
MGB V8 & Spurious MG Club

Tim's MG Midget
Contains the restoration details of a round wheel arch 1974 1275cc Midget.

Trev's 1958 MG Magnettes
Contains restoration details, and photo gallery.

Triple M Group
The aim of this forum is to combine all three 'M' cars - known as the Metro, Maestro and Montego (including Austin, Rover and MG versions) - to unite owners of these under-rated cars.

V8 Register
MGV8, MGBV8, MGBGTV8, MGRV8, V8, RV8, MG X80 - The V8 Register is recognised as the leading group all MGV8 enthusiasts and owners should join. This specialist group for enthusiasts of V8 powered MG sportscars, the V8 Register can provide you with technica

Vectis Historic Vehicle Club, Isle of Wight
Vestis Historic Vehicle Club, Isle of Wight UK. Club Information and pictures of over 30 of the members' vehicles

Vitamin C
Contains details of the author's GT with technical information, and photographs. Also includes the German MGC register. [English and German]

Web Archives for the MG-T Mailing List
Searchable archives of T-series email threads from March 1998. Questions, discussions and solutions.

Wessex MG Owners' Club
Events calendar, photographs, and location and contact information.

Windsor - Detroit MG Club
Contains events calendar, picture gallery, news, cartoons, road tests, technical tips, and joining information.

Wycombe Area MG Owners Club
BrmmBrmm Classic Car Network & Directory Member

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