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1997-98 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) Frequently Asked Questions
A list of frequently asked questions (and answers) about the 1997 and 1998Jeep Wrangler (TJ).

4x4 News For Men
Jeep News, Product Reviews, Flame Throwers, and Chainsaws

4x4 Xplor
Jeep CJ-7 and TJ Wrangler installation write-ups and newbie friendly bulletin board.

A Jeep Cherokee History
Inside Line: Interested in a full-blown overview of the Jeep Cherokee from its birth to the current version? Then youll want to check out our historical overview of this model in our Generations section.

Aimee's Jeep Grand Cherokee - Absolute Audio
Pictures and information about the modifications, audio system, and competitions/awards that the Jeep has won.

Allexperts Jeep Repair Q&A
Allexperts Jeep Repair Q&A

American Jeepster Club
The American Jeepster club was formed over eight years ago to help other Jeepster owners 'network', and find and sell parts.

American Rock Crawlers Association

Arizona State Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs - ASA4WDC
In May 1965, twelve families met at the Phoenix Land and Title Building in Phoenix to form a state association of four wheel drive clubs in Arizona. Seven clubs that had already formed were in need of a group association. The purpose of the association was to "coordinate the efforts of four wheel drive clubs throughout Arizona in four wheeling and educate the public." The first clubs involved were: Buckeye 4-Wheelers, Flagstaff 4-Wheelers, 4x4 Scouters of Scottsdale, Mesa 4- Wheelers, Yuma 4-Wheelers, Phoenix Jeep Club, and Tucson Four Wheelers. At this meeting the name "Arizona State Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs" was born. A roster of members was established, incorporation papers were processed, each club submitted a design for the Association logo, and the By-laws were set up along with $10.00 club dues.

Aus Jeep Offroad
The official home of AUSJEEPOFFROAD.COM featuring the development of a 1998 JEEP Cherokee Sport.

Austin Four Wheelers - Austin, TX
Austin Four Wheelers ! Austin's only 4 Wheel Drive Club Jeep Liberty
This jeep is the companies answer to the small SUV market. This is a deep problem because it is competing against vehicles like the Rav4 and Passport yet it does not have a ground breaking new design like we would all like to see Jeep do. It also comes standard with a solid rear axle with 3 link suspension that also offers 8.5 inches of total travel and is balanced with the front travel of 4.5 up and 4 inches down.

AZ Virtual Jeep Club
Arizona Virtual Jeep Club, Arizona Four Wheeling Information, Arizona Outdoors Recreation Offroad, Arizona Jeep clubs

Beth's Jeep Wrangler
Beth's Jeep Wrangler Sahara TJ page. See my new 2001 Wrangler!

Black Hills 4 Wheelers - Rapid City, SD
The Black Hills Four Wheelers is dedicated to Family Recreation, Safety, Road Courtesy and Rescue in South Dakota

Black Widow
Includes modifications and photos of a 1993 hard top. Also includes other related photos and links.

Blue Mountain Jeep Alliance
This is another Jeep Club in Pennsylvania. It is already listed, but it is a very useful site.

Boondock Blazers 4WD Club - Easton PA
The Boondock Blazers is a 4WD club with members in NJ, PA and NY, although most of the members are from New Jersey.

Border City Jeep Club
Located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Brian Simon
A Minnesota Jeeper builds a Jeep for both off-road performance and daily driving.

California Association of 4WD Clubs
We're the California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs, Inc. Since 1959, our non-profit organization has actively promoted the advancement of vehicle oriented outdoor recreation.

CayJay's Jeep CJ-7 Page
Specifications, trips, pictures, projects, modifications, tech's for Jeep CJ-7

Central Illinois Jeep Club
Family oriented Jeep and off-highway vehicle club based in Bloomington IL. Supporters of Illinois Four Wheel Drive Association and United Four Wheel Drive Association.

Charles Barton's Homepage
Iam the owner of a '98 Jeep TJ with 30x9.50 BFG's and a hi-liftjack mounted to the fron bumper. Also installed are a set of Trailmaster shock absorbers. This is the third Jeep I have owned and this combination has worked just fine onvarious California, Ar

Colorado Association of 4WD Clubs Inc. (CoA4WDCI)
Main website for Colorado Association Of Four Wheel Drive Clubs. An organization in pursuit of growth of environmentally consciencious recreational and competitive four wheeling endeavors in Colorado.

Country From Down Town Off Road Club - Orlando, FL
We are a small club and promote a family, civilized atmosphere.

Disk Brakes for Postal Jeep
Installation of Disk Brakes and new frame on a Postal Jeep. Progressive pictures and references to materials/ help for other Jeep (DJ) owners.

East Coast Four-Wheel Drive Association
Contact among eastern four wheelers began in 1965 when Pittsburgh's Triangle Jeepers held their first East Coast Four-Wheel-O-Rama in Wellsboro, PA. Other competitive and trailriding events followed and attracted many four wheelers. The occasional camping weekends became annual events and ultimately friendships developed between clubs, families, and individuals.

Eastern 4 Wheelers
Welcome to On The Rocks, the home page of the Eastern 4 Wheelers

Eugene Jeep

Flatlanders Jeep Club - Manhattan, KS
Jeep enthusiasts club in Manhattan, Kansas

Florida Jeeper
Jason Hartness explores the realm of his TJ. Pictures, vehicle specs and more are all available.

Fort Worth / Dallas Four Wheel Drive Club - TX
The Ft. Worth/Dallas Four Wheel Drive Club (a.k.a. FWD-FWD) is a family-oriented 4x4 club open to owners of all types of 4WD vehicles.

Four Wheeler
Four Wheeler Home Page. The authoritative source for the 4x4 enthusiast.

Freedom Off Roaders - Rochester, NY
Freedom Off Roaders 4x4 club

FSJ Magazine
Full Size Jeep Magazine - The only magazine dedicated to Full Size Jeeps. FSJ Magazine is a quarterly printed periodical that concentrates on Full Size Jeeps. Full Size Jeeps include the following:63-83 Wagoneers, 84-92 Grand Wagoneers, 74-83 Cherokees

Gilbert Verkuijlen's Netherlands Jeep Site
Includes pictures of YJ's and information about trails.

GM HEI Ignition Upgrade for 258 I6 Jeeps
Site gives details on the HEI distributor upgrade for 258 powered Jeeps. Provides information on kit and parts needed, preparation, and installation instructions.

Pictures and Information about XJ Jeep Cherokee's, Custom Ideas for suspension modifications, white gauge backgrounds, photo's from Outback Australia.

Grass Valley 4 Wheelers - Nevada City, CA
The Grass Valley 4 Wheelers is a family oriented, nonprofit, environmentally conscious organization interested in outdoor recreation, conservation, and community support.

Great Lakes Jeep Thing
An environmentally-conscious Jeep club that strives to project a responsible and safe land use image on behalf of all Jeepers living in the Great Lakes region of the Midwest offering forums, pictures, and membership information.

Hal's Doorless Wonder
Includes pictures and specifications for a ZJ project with no doors.

Harold's Jeep and Off-Road Adventures
Pictures and information about our off-road adventures. Specifications and pictures of the Jeep's transition from over the years.

Houston Area Hummer Association (HAHA)
Tx4x4 was started in 1997 to help a few of us that liked to wheel together to communicate with each other about our upcoming wheeling. It was a pain to email every one, so we started a mailing list to make it easier. In the beginning there were only 10 or 12 of us. Of course we were always meeting new friends on the trail and they always wanted to be included in the next weeks wheeling so we signed our new friends up to the tx4x4 mailing list. The more fun we had the more the list grew. Not long after, we made the mailing list a FREE PUBLIC list that anyone could join. The idea at the time was to share our wheeling spots and hopefully new folks would share their wheeling spots as well. It was a huge success, in no time at all there were some big events planned and we all met a bunch of great new friends and places to wheel were becoming easier to find.

Iron Dog Tales
Trail reports, pictures and information about off-road events.

J20 Off Road
Information and Resources relating to Full-Size Jeeps (J-Series Trucks, Cherokees, Wagoneers, M715s) and 4x4s, including CJs. Includes Pictures, Message Board, Calculators.

J33p Adventur Club
The club is aimed at intermediate and advanced off-roaders with a focus on Jeep branded vehicles. Membership allows you to contribute to the message board, add your own reader's ride and best of all, membership is totally free of charge.

Jays 2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ
jeep cherokee XJ 2001 off road 4X4

Jeep 1944 MB Restoration Site
An informative site on purchasing and rebuilding a vintage World War Two Jeep.

Jeep Canada Webring
The Jeep Webring links quality sites about Military and Civilian Jeeps. The ring welcomes membership applications from Jeep clubs, dealers and enthusiasts.

Jeep Engine Swap
Summary of conversion from an AMC 4 cylinder 150 engine to an upgraded AMC 6 cylinder 258 in an 84' model Jeep CJ-7

Jeep Fan
E-zine covering off-road events, reader stories, tech articles and projects.

Jeep Jamboree USA 1999 On-Line Guidebook
Jeep Jamboree USA Guidebook including individual Jamboree descriptions, Jamboree schedule, articles with pictures on recent Jamborees, mail link to Jeep Jamboree USA, and registration form

Jeep Liberty Canada
The official Canadian site for the Liberty. Includes specifications, pictures, and options.

Jeep Owner Club in Jakarta - Indonesia
Jeep Brotherhood Indonesia - Located in Jakarta Indonesia, Welcome to every Jeep owner to became a member.

Jeep Page
site dedicated to our 1977 Jeep CJ-7. it features frame up build up pics, as well as trail rides,

Jeep Registry
The Jeep Registry is a club for Jeep owners. Members receive an informative quarterly newsletter, 64 page source directory, membership card and a club decal for your jeep. We also supply you with technical advice and answer your questions about Jeeps past present and future.

Jeep Talk Florida Forum
Discuss custom Jeep modifications and events, sell used and new parts, or just connect with other Jeep enthusiasts.

Jeep Tech
Everything you wanted to know about Jeep Tech. Includes Terry Howes tech page.

Jeep Tech Mailing List
ORC Jeep Mailing List Interface

Jeep Tech Tips
Modification how-to's and Jeep tech tips that will help make you and your vehicle off road ready.

Jeep Web - 4x4 Jeeps on the Off-Road Network
Jeep's @ - June 2005 Edition

Jeep World
Jeep World Magazine. The UK's leading independent Jeep Magazine.

Jeep XJ-Tech Webring
Information about the Jeep XJ-Tech webring.

Jeep Zine was started in early January 2002 to have a centralized location for our write-ups of modifications we have done to our Jeeps, travels, and other Jeep related things.

Jeep ZJ
Cherokee with a 4 inch lift. Before and after pictures of budget boost installation.

Jeep-L...The Web Site
Jeep-L...The Web Site of the Internet Jeep Un-Club featuring all styles of Jeep vehicles from 1941 to modern day
Jeep Liberty Forums / Jeep KJ Forums /

Pictures of Jeeps on and off-road.

Jeeps of north Texas - Plano, TX
JeepN the ultimate source for offroad information, parts, services, and clubs,

Jeepskate's Joint
Restoration information of a '79 CJ-7 project.

Jeepsters is a site dedicated to everything concerning Jeeps, from the first Willy's to the current TJ and Grand Cherokee. If you are looking for parts supplies, technical info, information about Jeep in the Uk and all Jeep associated events look no

Various information about the modifications and build-up of a 2001 TJ Sahara. Also includes pictures and short movies.

Includes gallery, forum, and a mod by mod Jeep Cherokee build up project.

Jim's 4x4 and Offroad Page
Includes pictures and information about 4x4 trails.

Jeep(r) owners resource site featuring tech section, parts locator, off-road trails, 4x4 books, maps and catalogs.

John's '83 Jeep
Includes build-up information about a CJ.

Jolly Jeepers - Gladstone, OR
The Jolly Jeepers Club is an organization dedicated to promoting safe, fun, and challenging four wheeling recreation.

Jon's Jeep Place
A Jeep Page with trip reports, homebuilt on-board air & on-board welder, trip reports, etc

JP Magazine
Jp is the authoritative information source for all things Jeep and only Jeep!

Just Jeeps Club of Omaha
Active club in Omaha, Nebraska. Pictures of members Jeeps. Monthly trail rides and trail reports.

Keith's CJ-8
Specifications, pictures and upgrade information about a '85 CJ-8.

Las Vegas Jeep Club
Offroad 4x4 Jeep club runs for local Charities and supports the local community.

Lost Coast 4x4's - Eureka, CA
Lost Coast 4x4's Web Site - Humboldt County's Premier Off Road Club

Louisiana 4X4 Club - Baton Rouge, La.
Dedicated to the sport of four wheeling and offers organized trail rides, technical assistance, skill classes and environmental awareness.

Marty Crean's Jeep Cherokee Page
The purpose of these pages is to showcase the evolution of my 1998 Jeep Cherokee. This project has been evolving more each month from what was once an off road vehicle project to that of an expeditionary type vehicle with various off road adventures being used as a testing grounds for its systems. Like most projects, what I originally envisioned as an end product somehow managed to change as I moved forward. The more I work with this vehicle the more I see possibilities for a very mobile, modular expedition system that will lend itself very well to exploring remote areas. When completed the Jeep should be able to accommodate full range of mission specific accessories while still providing comfortable highway transportation and the ability to deal with hostile environments. This will be a highly modified Jeep Cherokee - there may even be some substantial body modifications. At the moment there are no plans to install a new power plant , but that decision will depend on a number of factors. There will be numerous integrated electrical and electronics systems. The special requirements for onboard navigation, communications, power, lighting and various other electro-optics systems have and will continue to be developed specifically for this Jeep. Initial design goals require the Jeep to be able to cross a body of water 4 feet in depth and safely climb and descend a 45 degree grade. In addition, a comfortable interior environment can be maintained when the outside temperature is -40F to +120F. Of course by its very nature it will be a mobile / field test platform for new mobile technologies.

Matt's Jeep Page
Includes build-up information and jeeping pictures of a '94 Wrangler.

Merl's Garage
Includes an ownership diary, restoration and upgrade information about a '46 CJ-2A and '53 M38A1.

Midcoast Maine Jeepers Association - Warren, Maine
The Midcoast Maine Jeepers Association is a small group of Jeep fanatics who gather informally to enjoy the outdoors in their Jeep Universals.

Midwest 4x4 Alliance
Midwest 4x4 Alliance is family oriented 4x4 Club in the Midwest - Members are predominantly in Illinois and Midwest.

Mike Knorr's Jeep Site
Includes technical reports, trail reports and links.

Mikes Jeep
Projects including converting to Holley fuel injection, Dana 44 axles, and NP435 transmission. Also includes trail pictures of the Pipeline, Badlands, and Moab.

Mile-HI Jeep Club - Denver, CO
Welcome to the Mile-Hi Jeep Club of Colorado, Inc.

Mitchel & Stephen's 1997 Jeep Wrangler
Personal 1997 Jeep Wrangler web site of Mitchel Gibbs and Stephen Gibbs in Helena, Alabama.

Morten's Jeep XJ
Off-road build up how-to's and technical information for the Jeep Cherokee.

Myles Brown's Jeep Wrangler
Offers modifications, trail pictures and Jeep links about a '89 Wrangler.
CJ7 tech articles and installations. Swapping a YJ tub to a CJ, and converting an ammo box for use as a center console, and a York compressor into an on board air system.

Naked Jeep
Information for the new and experienced Jeep owner - Jeep Site jeep cherokee site. includes pictures, videos, tech tips, how to, links, maintenence, repairs, 4x4, 4wd, top sites, offroad and factory service manual downloads. check out my trip to paragon adventure park!

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