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The Accursed Mountains - A photographic report of the people and terrain of the harsh mountain environment in Northern Albania.

Albania - World Sites Atlas - A collection of general and tourist information, plus Web links, maps, and photos.

Albania Photos and Images - Pictures of Albanian landscapes, people, sites of interest and national treasures.

Albania Travel Notes - Multimedia guide with information about the country and links to related resources.

Albania with Curt Prins - Images and information on a week long trip to various sites in Albania. Includes information on cities, towns and attractions visited and travel information.

Fabulous Albania - Proposes more than 500 pictures on Albania taken in September 2001.

Lonely Planet - Albania - Offers facts for the traveler, country culture, history and attractive places to be visited.

Photos of Albania - Personal photos taken by Galen R. Frysinger, Sheboygan and Wisconsin.

Pictures of Albania - Pictures from different regions and places of interest.

1st Stop for Travellers - Albania - General travel information for those visiting Albania. Information about the country, its people, and travel services.

Take a Look at Albania - Pictures and banknotes from Albania.

Tourism Development Committee - Official Government site. Tourist guide. Includes profile of the county and image gallery with information on attractions, cities, tourism development and policies.

Tourism Information about Vlora, Albania - Written by Robert Nagle, an American Peace Corps volunteer who lived in Vlore between 1995-7.

Trembly's Travels in Albania - A brief narrative of a visit by a world traveler, with pictures.

United Albania - Informations Albanians in the Balkans. Includes Albanian folk art, and guide to hotels and tourism.



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