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3d graphics

The Alpha Channel - Dedicated to Inspire 3D, LightWave, Terragen and other 3D software. Features news, images, animations, tutorials and information.

Animatricity 3d Graphics Portal - 3d portal with free resources to tutorials, 3d galleries, plug-ins, software, books and news for graphic designers.

Blarg Zone - Links to related Lightwave 3d, SoftImage, and 3d Studio Max sites offering tips n tricks, and tutorials. Also on hand are several Art galleries for viewing.

Brain Aided Design - Multi-format forum, helping with 3d modeling and animation, tutorials and showcase galleries.

Cadmonkey.com - A graphic starting place with tutorials, 3D models, news articles, links to books covering 2D and 3D, discussion forums, and classifieds.

CGMatrix-3D - Hub for the computer 3d graphics industry, providing tutorials, links, plugins, product reviews, models, meshes, and VRML files.

Creative 3D - Online magazine for 3D computer graphics.

3D Ark - Portal for the 3D community. Information about 3D Programs, models, galleries, schools, jobs, tutorials, character animation, links, mailing lists and forums.

3D Artists - Included in this gallery are tutorials for 3D Studio Max, Lightwave 3D, and Softimage 3D, pictures and interviews of artists from around the world and the gallery itself.

3D Cafe - The ultimate resource for computer graphic artists. Free 3D models, tutorials, textures and maps, tools and software.

3D Commune - Graphic community where 3D users can find discussion forums, art galleries, free stuff, tutorials section, calendar, classifieds, and browse members pages.

3D Max Factor - A comprehensive online 3D community and Webring focused on 3d Studio Max. Providing content, tutorials, 2D news, forums and artwork, as well as sharing with other enthusiasts.

3D Ring - 3D graphics webring with over 3000 member sites. Also features interviews, galleries and free downloads.

3D Source - Featuring up to date industry news, tutorials, reviews, interviews, articles, galleries, discussions, contests.

3d Total - A total 3D source for free libraries including a great many items to download.

3D Zone - Source for 3D artists and animators. Original texutures, plugins, tutorials and a gallery to post 3D work.

DeadPencil 3D Computer Graphics - 3D computer graphics community with resources for 3D Studio Max, Maya, Softimage, Lightwave, Bryce, and Poser. Tutorials, forum, and downloads.

3DFilmMaker.com - 3D entertainment and news portal, offers information and reviews on software, and interviews.

3Dgate - Your gateway to 3D downloads of models, textures and plugins, news, reviews, tutorials, galleries and freeware.

Digital Craving to the MAX - Dedicated to people that crave 3D graphics designs using 3D software to create wallpapers, animations and special effects. Supplies information, tutorials, gallery and links to help improve the skills and knowledge needed.

3dRender.com - High-end 3D art and information. Alias, Softimage, Rhino tutorials, photorealistic renderings, behind-the-scenes Hollywood production info.

3DSite - Site has been serving the 3D community since 1994. Include 3D jobs database, newsletter, calendar of events, and a links database sorted by category.

3Dup.com - The Computer Graphics Portal - 3D Design and multimedia portal with a search engine, news, tutorials, forums, chats, online store, artists' Gallery and download zone with textures, 3D models and plugins.

3D-worXX - Tutorials for 3D Studio MAX, Cinema 4D, and Lightwave. There is a terrific user gallery, contest, and a showroom. Site is also available in German.

Edgeloop - Mike Fleming provides plugins to use with Mirai.

Egypt 3D - Resource for 3D computer graphics with links to free and commercial 3D software for graphics designer and animation enthusiasts. Providing tutorials, models, textures, and information on schools and jobs. Members and non-members areas for models and texture libraries downloads.

Fantastic Arts - The fundamental 3D and graphics page for computer graphic artists, with 3d models, meshes, textures, tutorials, fonts, clipart, free software, reviews and a workshop where there is a veritable treasure trove of information.

Find 3D - A search engine dedicated to topics relating to 3D modeling and animation.

Flay.Com - News, and resources for 3D content providers. Plugins and tutorials.

Graphic Design Resources Center - Links to 3D tutorials, and 3D resources for graphic designers and digital artist interested in graphic design.

Graphicsteck - Graphic forums, Bryce gallery, links to tutorials and downloads.

Highend3d.com - Community for Maya, Softimage, Alias, Studio, Renderman, and Sumatra, Free 3d resource tips, tricks, tutorials, Mel Scripts, plugins, shaders, tools, jobs, contests, artist gallery and listservs.

Inside Computer Graphics - Provide computer graphics enthusiasts and professionals with current news and hard-hitting product reviews/articles in the computer graphics industry. Job Listings and forums for the online community.

Internet EYE 3D Magazine - Area has great 3D tutorials, product reviews, 3D news and resources as well as free downloads.

IR 3D - Devoted to teaching 3D neophytes ie beginners, how to model NURBS objects in Rhinoceros3d aka Rhino3d. Tutorials, free textures, bump maps for your models.

Ironclad Studios - Poser figures and characters. Assortment of 3d Studio Max tutorials and models for download. Including a section of Morphs, textures and 3d models in a variety of categories.

JourneyMan's 3D World - The ultimate source for 3D artists on the web. User Galleries, free textures, models, and tutorials.

Light Waves Graphics - Site designed to provide an assortment of information for 3D modelers and web page designers. Include a free JavaScript tutorial to add dynamic news feeds to your web site. Portfolio and store for images in the galleries.

Macworld.com Subjects 3-D and Animation - Features trusted Macintosh 3-D and animation product reviews, buying advice and instructional how-to articles.

Medusa Graphics - 3d graphics modeling and 2d image resources for use with Poser 4, Bryce 5 and other 3d applications.

nthd.org - Scene for 3d modeling and design, focusing on scripting and plugins for Cinema4d, Maya, 3dmax, Softimage and FormZ. Offers downloads, scripts, links, news and tutorials.

Planet-3d.com - Doorway to 3D tutorials, models, and textures for Bryce, Poser, Amorphium and others. Site has a large 3D resource directory.

Reality-Warp - Download free 3d resources tutorials, plugins, materials, models, and tools or visit our 3D gallery.

Real-Time Rendering - Many links to real-time rendering, technqiques, source code, and information.

Renderosity.com - 3D programs, forums, free download including characters, textures and poses.

Turbo Squid - Library of 3D models, meshes, texture maps, shaders, materials, and vector graphics designed for purchase to use in 3dsmax, Poser, Lightwave, Shockwave 3D, Softimage and Maya.

Ultimate 3D Links - Ultimate 3d links database for objects, information, textures, tools, modelers, plug-ins, books, and meshes.

Viz2000 3D Studio Viz Developer's Ultimate Resource - Text-based portal of links to tutorials, plug-Ins, add-ons, textures, and models, both on-line and on-site VIZ training, and artists web sites.

Xtreme 3D - 3D graphic artists will find a wealth of 3D information, links, and contests. Get a lifetime membership for free.

XYZ & You - 3D-computer graphic users group focused on process for delivery of high quality visuals for use in simulation, multimedia, film/video, corporate presentation, and game production.

Zoorender 3D Resource Site - 3D-community with free models, scenes and movie Scripts and tutorials for Maya and Softimage, 3d-artist gallery, textures



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